iSES 2018 Program Outline
17 December 2018 (Monday)8:00-8:30 Registration & Refreshment
8:30-9:00Inaugural Event
9:00-10:00Keynote # 1 : "Sensor Platforms for Providing Affordable IoT Solutions to the Developing World", V.Ramgopal Rao , Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India.
10:00-11:00Session 01: Memory & Arithmetic Circuits Session 02 (Special): Energy Recovery and DSP Cores
10:00-10:30A 40nm Low Power High Stable SRAM Cell using Separate Read Port and Sleep Transistor Methodology, "Jitendra Mishra, Harshit Srivastava, Prasanna Misra and Manish Goswami"Energy Recovery Circuit Design for Low Power VLSI, "Dr V S Kanchana Bhaaskaran"
10:30-11:00FPGA Implementation of Square and Cube Architecture using Vedic Mathematics, "Sampada Barve, Sithara Raveendran, Charudatta Korde, Trilochan Panigrahi, Nithin Kumar Y. B. and Vasantha M. H."Integrating Compiler Driven Transformation and Simulated Annealing based Floorplan for Optimized Transient Fault Tolerant DSP cores, "Dr. Anirban Sengupta and Deepak Kachave"
11:00-12:00Session 03: VLSI and Security PrimitiveSession 04: ( Special): IoT and Smart Health
11:00-11:30Parallel and Pipelined VLSI Implementation of the New Radix-2 DIT FFT Algorithm, "Harsha Keerthan, Shaik Qadeer, Syed Azeemuddin and Zafar Khan"Amazon Echo Enabled IoT Home Security System for Smart Home Environment, "Himanshu Thapliyal, Nathan Ratajczak, Ole Wendroth and Carson Labrado"
11:30-12:00Modified Tent Map Based Design for True Random Number Generator, "Dhirendra Kumar, Kasif Nabi, Prasanna Kumar Misra and Manish Goswami"Towards Photoplethysmogram based Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Classification, "Rajdeep Nath, Himanshu Thapliyal and Allison Caban-Holt"
13:30-14:30Keynote # 2 : "Smart Electronic Systems", Saraju P. Mohanty , University of North Texas, Denton, TX , USA.
14:30-15:30Session 05: Microhotplate: Modelling and ValidationSession 06: Multi-Processors
14:30-15:00Modeling of Square Microhotplate and its Validation with Experimental Results, "Gaurav Saxena"Towards Analysing the Effect of Hybrid Caches on the Temperature of Tiled Chip Multi-Processors, "Ashwini Kulkarni, Khushboo Rani, Sukarn Agarwal, S. P. Mahajan and Hemangee Kapoor"
15:00-15:30Performance Evaluation of Square Microhotplate with Alternative Membrane Materials, "Gaurav Saxena"Heaping of Sorrow Upon Sorrow, "Biswajit R Bhowmik"
15:30-16:30Session 07: Placement and Application Mapping Session 08: FPGA Design & Aritmetic Circuits
15:30-16:00An Iterative Concave-Convex Wirelength Model for Analytical Placement, "Bnb Ray, Rasheswari Bhramar Ray, Sony Singdha Sahoo, Debabrat Sethy and Susil Kumar Mohanty"Zynq FPGA based System Design for Video Surveillance with Sobel Edge Detection, "Eetha Sagar, Sonali Agrawal and Srikanth Neelam"
16:00-16:30Thermal Aware Application Mapping and Frequency Scaling for Mesh-Based Network-On-Chip Design, "Raghav Sonavane, Gobburi Kashyap and Santanu Chattopadhyay"Design of Area-Power-Delay Efficient Square Root Carry Select Adder, "Chetan Kamble, Siddharth R. K., Shivnarayan Patidar, Vasantha M. H. and Nithin Kumar Y. B."
17:00-18:00Session 09: Analog DesignSession 10: Memory and Approximate Computing
17:00-17:30Design and Analysis of Current Starved VCO Targeting SCL 180 nm CMOS Process, "Chandra Shekhar and S Qureshi"Correlation of Dynamic and Static Metrics of SRAM Cell under Time-Zero Variability and after NBTI Degradation, "Sarthak Prakash Chaudhari, Shaik Jani Babu, Sonal Singhal and Nilesh Goel"
17:30-18:00Voltage Controlled Stimulator For Nerve Conduction Study, "Champak Talukdar, Anil Hazarika, Amarprit Singh, Mausumi Barthakur and Manabendra Bhuyan"Design and Analysis of Approximate Multipliers For Error-Tolerant Applications, "Anirudh Pandey, Manikantta Reddy Karri, Nithin Kumar Y. B. and Vasantha M.H."
18:00-19:00BreakTCVLSI Meeting
18 December 2018 (Tuesday)8:15-8:45Registration
8:45-9:45Keynote # 3 : "Verification of “Things”: From Microchip to Medicine", Swarup Bhunia, The University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA.
10:00-11:00Session 11: Sensing and Wireless IoTSession 12: Secure MANET and Smart System
10:00-10:30Sensor Data Compression based on Re-Quantization of Sensor Data, "Henning Idsøe, Linga Reddy Cenkeramaddi and Soumya J."Distributed Trust-Based Multiple Attack Prevention for Secure MANETs, "Gurveen Vaseer, Garima Ghai and Dhruva Ghai"
10:30-11:00Design, Development and Deployment of Low-cost Short-range Self-powered Wireless IoT Devices, "Rolf Arne Kjellby, Thor Eirik Johnsrud, Svein Erik Løtveit, Linga Reddy Cenkeramaddi, Geir Jevne, Baltasar Beferull-Lozano, Soumya Joshi and Anders Frøytlog"A Low-cost Smart Vein Viewer System, "Soumya Jindal, Wazir Singh and Sujay Deb"
11:00-12:00Session 13: IoT Data Analytics and Memory OverflowSession 14: Energy Harvesting and IoT
11:00-11:30Design of Software and Data Analytics for Self-powered Wireless IoT Devices, "Asheesh Bhuria, Ashish Goyal, Linga Reddy Cenkeramaddi, M.B. Srinivas and Soumya J"Energy Efficient Ultra low power Solar Harvesting System Design with MPPT for IOT Edge Node Devices, "Saswat Kumar Ram, Sudeendra Kumar K, Sauvagya Ranjan Sahoo and Kamalakanta Mahapatra"
11:30-12:00ARPL: Supporting adaptive mixing of RPL modes to overcome memory overflow, "Kunal Vyas, Jayasree Sengupta and Sipra Das Bit"A Practical Implementation of an Agriculture Field Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT Enabled, "Edmond Nurellari and Saket Srivastava"
13.30-14.30Session 15 (Special): Systems for Smart Healthcare ISession 16 (Special):FPGA designs for innovative on-chip communication solutions
13.30-14.00New user-controlled approaches to electronic health record design, "Yalini Senathirajah"Low Cost FPGA Implementation of a SPI over High Speed Optical SerDes, "Peter Hobden and Saket Srivastava"
14.00-14.30A Smart Sensor in the IoMT for Stress Level Detection, "Laavanya Rachakonda, Prabha Sundaravadivel, Saraju Mohanty, Elias Kougianos and Madhavi Ganapathiraju"5Ghz Chirp Signal Generator for Broadband FMCW Radar Applications, "Peter Hobden and Saket Srivastava"
14:30- 15:30Session 17 (Special): Systems for Smart Healthcare IISession 18 (Special): Big Data and IoT for societal issues in India
14:30- 15:00A Robust and Fast Seizure Detection in IoT Edge, "Md Abu Sayeed, Saraju Mohanty, Elias Kougianos and Hitten Zaveri"Three Tier Architecture for IoT Driven Health Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi, "Neel Kamal and Prasun Ghosal"
15:00- 15:30Smart-Pillow: An IoT based Device for Stress Detection Considering Sleeping Habits, "Laavanya Rachakonda, Saraju Mohanty, Elias Kougianos, Madhavi Ganapathiraju and Kalyani Karunakaran"Correlating Fatality Rate to Road Accidents in India: A Case Study using Big Data, "Subha Koley, Saket Srivastava and Prasun Ghosal"
15:30-16:30Session 19: Emerging Designs and FabricationSession 20: IoT and Vehicular Security
15:30-15:50Low Cost Stand-Alone Clap Only Detector, "Ajaykumar Maurya and Sarath M"Hardware Software Co-simulation of Obfuscated 128-bit AES Algorithm for Image Processing Applications, "Surbhi Chhabra and Kusum Lata"
15:50-16:10Compact UWB Antenna for S, C, and X bands Applications, "Anil Kumar Nayak, Debasis Gountia, Baruna Kumar Turuk and Sashi Bhusan Panda"An Attempt to Develop an IOT based Vehicle Security System, "Debajyoti Mukhopadhyay, Megha Gupta, Tahesin Attar, Prajakta Chavan and Vidhi Patel"
16:10-16:30Characterization of thin zirconia films deposited by ECD on ITO coated glass for biosensing applications, "Gaurav Keshwani, Hiranya Ranjan Thakur and Jiten Chandra Dutta"
17:00-18:00Session 21: Smart Systems and Design for IoTSession 22: IoT and Smart City
17:00-17:30Smart Brewery Controller, "Rolf Arne Kjellby, Erol Gorančić, Anders Liland, Linga Reddy Cenkeramaddi and Geir Jevne"Design and Prototype Implementation of Long-Range Self-powered Wireless IoT Devices, "Rolf Arne Kjellby, Thor Eirik Johnsrud, Svein Erik Løtveit, Linga Reddy Cenkeramaddi, Geir Jevne, Baltasar Beferull-Lozano and Soumya Joshi"
17:30-18:00Flicker Mitigating High Rate RLL Codes for VLC with Low Complexity Encoding and Decoding, "Uday Thummaluri, Abhinav Kumar and Lakshmi Natarajan"Real time monitoring of AMR enabled energy meter for AMI in Smart City - An IoT Application, "Anirudh Kumar, Sreyasi Thakur and Partha Bhattacharjee"
18:00-19:00BreakiSES Steering Committee Meeting
19:00-21:00Banquet Dinner
19 December 2018 (Wednesday)8:15-8:45Registration
8:45-9:45Expert Panel : TBA
10:00-11:00Session 23: Bio-Sensing and Biomertic SystemsSession 24: Cybersecurity I
10:00-10:30Development of a Multi-Fog based Water Quality Monitoring System using Bio-Sensing Platform, "Piyali Ganguly, Anirban Bose, Kaushik Chakraborty, Amlan Chakrabarti and Anjan Kr. Dasgupta"Energy Comparison of Blockchain Platforms for Internet of Things, "Sonam Sanju, Sriram Sankaran and Krishnashree Achuthan"
10:30-11:00Secure Biometric Based Authentication Protocol for Vehicular ad-hoc Network, "Md Ismail, Santanu Chatterjee and Jamuna Kanta Sing"Non-intrusive appliance identification for energy disaggregation of Indian households– An Use Case for Energy Informatics, "Anirudh Kumar and Partha Bhattacharjee"
11:00-12:00Session 25: Power Efficient and Crossstalk Avoidance in NoC Design Session 26: Cybersecurity II
11:00-11:30A Power Efficient Crossbar Arbitration in Multi-NoC for Multicast and Broadcast Traffic, "Sonal Yadav, Vijay Laxmi, Hemangee Kapoor and M. S. Gaur"Crypto Primitives IPCore Implementation susceptibility in Cyber Physical System, "Dillibabu Shanmugam and Suganya Annadurai"
11:30-12:00Multi-Bit Error Correction Coding with Crosstalk Avoidance using Parity Sharing Technique for NOC, "Supriya Rajagopal, M. Vinodhini and N.S.Murty"A Novel Holistic Security Framework for In-field Firmware Updates, "Sudeendra Kumar, Sauvagya Sahoo, Krishna Kiran, Ayaskanta Swain and Kamalakanta Mahapatra"
13:30-14:00Session 27: (Student Research Forum)Session 28: (Networking Event)
13:30-13:45Design of CMOS Inverter and Chain of Inverters using Neural Networks, "Likit Teja Valavala, Kalpit Munot and Babu Ravi Teja Karri"
13:45-14:00LHPUF: Lightweight Hybrid PUF for enhanced security in Internet of Things, "Sriram Sankaran, Shivshankar S and Nimmy K"
14:15-14:45Closing Remarks and Award Ceremony